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Hidden Places

Project: Manila - Olandes Marikina 3

Year 2018

Artist: Angelica Abrigo Uy, 8

Angelica is already in second grade but due to her families precarious situation she is in danger of dropping-out. Her father works as a tricycle driver, her mother is a housewife and takes care of Angelica and her four older siblings. Angelica has many friends with whom she spends the free afternoons. They also are a recurring motive of her pictures. Playing with play dough and Barbie dolls is one of her favorite activities. She also loves math lessons and she can count really well already. Angelica would like to work as a police officer, making her city safer.

Artist Interview



297 x 420 mm (DIN A3)

Posters are on 250g paper and with information about the Kid and it's artwork. 



105 x 148 mm (DIN A6)

Postcards are printed on 300g paper and with information about the Kid and it's artwork.


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